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Equipment & Apparel Fitting - May 2nd

Wednesday, April 27, 2022, 12:00PM

The Vipers annual equipment and apparel fitting will be held on Monday May 2nd. Specific team schedule is listed below. Please try to attend at your specified time. 5/2/22 is the only fitting date. Items will arrive prior to Bootcamp in August.


ATTENDANCE: All 2022-23 players are required to attend. Please bring your knee pads and shoulder pads for proper jersey and socks sizing.


GAME JERSEYS/SOCKS: The Vipers game jerseys will be on hand for proper sizing. (Game jerseys are the long lead time item. To ensure arrival prior to the season, the order will be placed at the fitting.) 

RETURNING PLAYERS: Please doublecheck your Jerseys and socks to ensure they will still fit in the fall.


APPAREL: This year the Vipers have added a variety of new apparel options. TSR will be showing all of the new apparel options and equipment.  Orders will be finalized at the fitting or the online store which will be open for a limited time during the apparel fittings.  


EQUIPMENT:  All Vipers players are required to wear SOLID BLACK gloves, pants, and helmets next season. SOLID BLACK ONLY. You are welcome to purchase equipment from any manufacturer.  The Vipers have partnered with TSR to offer discounted prices on equipment and apparel.  TSR will have experts on site to answer questions and properly fit each player.     


ISLIDES:  As seen on "Shark Tank", ISlides fully customized slides can be ordered at: 

Vipers ISildes Collection 


LOCATION: Holiday Inn, 1 Newbury St., Peabody, MA 01960  



MAY 2, 2022

5:00p - 2015

5:00p - 2014

5:30p - 2013

6:00p - 2011

6:30p - 2010

7:00p - 2009 DEFEO

7:30p - 2009 IANNOTTI

8:00p - U14

8:30p - U16 BLACK

8:30p - U16 PLATINUM

8:30p - U18 SILVA

8:30p - U18 DOHERTY