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07 AAA: News

Vipers For Ella

Saturday, January 30, 2016, 8:07AM
'06A & '07A Vipers Enlist in #ELLASARMY
When the '06A & '07A Vipers took the ice on Friday night, they had something special on their minds. Actually, someone special: Ella O'Donnell. Ella's a 10 year old girl from Peabody who's inspiring these Vipers with her courage and determination following brain surgery and facing chemotherapy treatment. The post to the Prayers for Ella Facebook page and the YouTube video said it best:
Hi Ella! We are the 06' and 07' Greater Boston Vipers. Some of us are 10 years old, just like you. We heard about your recent surgery and wanted to wish you well! We hope this picture makes you smile:) 
Check out the YouTube video we made for you too: Vipers Ella
After you check out the Prayers for Ella page the video, please visit the GoFundMe page to support the fundraising campaign for Ella: