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About Us

Mission Statement

The Greater Boston Vipers is a youth hockey development program for local players who are dedicated to development and desire a more competitive level of play. Individuals selected to participate will be provided with a professional coaching staff dedicated to their development as both hockey players and moral persons.  Our players will be well rounded on & off the ice.  The organizations goal is to develop and increase each players individual's skill level so that they may succeed at a higher level.


The Viper Hockey Club was originally founded in 2001 with the #1 goal to teach children the game of ice hockey.  Too often in youth sports, programs evolve with good intentions, however, over time the goals and priorities changeand the primary focus does not align with the original intent or original "Mission Statement".  The founders identified these patterns and formed a hockey program that concentrated primarily on teaching.  It is an environment in which children can learn from their mistakes and not feel intimidated by the results. The success of the past 14 years only speaks volumes as the program has evolved from 3 part-time teams to 23 full-time teams with over 375 players participating on a regular basis.  The organization has taken the necessary steps to partner with some of the best experienced former players and coaches, enabling them to share their past experiences in a beneficial way for our players.

In 2008, the Greater Boston Vipers, LLC was formed to ensure continued growth for the organization and players.  Although the mission statement will remain the same, the new managment group has renewed the emphasis on skill development.  Besides weekly team practices and games, each Viper will now have a weekly skill session stressing basic skill sets and repetition.    

"Success will be determined by the increased skill level of each player on an individual basis.  By concentrating our efforts on the individual, our teams & organization will also improve."    

What will determine success for the Vipers ice hockey program?

  • Teaching the fundamental skills of ice hockey
  • Developing the progress of individual player skills sets
  • Schooling  players to develop confidence and build self esteem
  • Stressing to players the importance of responsibility and accountability
  • Educating and enforcing the team rules
  • Directing the team to grow and mature within a system